Monday, March 1, 2010

Shot One: “The Title Card”

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{Shot One: “The Title Card”} Postscript on the Societies of Control []This opening title frame begs questions: What are 'societies of control?' Why are there 'societies' and not a society? What is 'control?' How does 'control' function? This shall be designated by the code ?, like Barthes hermeneutic code, this code ? refers to “all the units...”. (? an enigma: question). [][]The word control has connotations of government, power, knowledge, and agency. This second code, which was the the semic or SEM for Barthes, shall be designated the metonymic (MET) code referring to the moments in which a word opens to its suggested connotations. The subject of the the metonymic code shall not offer an absolute answer, but one opening in the texts mise-en-sens. (MET. Power). [][][]CONTROL this the associative or schizophrenic code (SCH), shall function as exemplification of the hypertextual form: a blatant associative excursion in the commentary. This code which is not proper by Barthes method, will complicate other codes: here it contradicts our reproduction of the first frame and hermeneutic code by providing an answer, though it is only one of many. (SCH. CONTROL).

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